January 2015


Upcoming Events in Northern California


Including: Car Shows, Swap Meets, Motorcycle Events & Races



The 25th Annual Anti-Football Drive
January 1: The 25th Annual Anti-Football Drive in San Rafael.

January 3: Donut Derelicts at Main Street Cafe in Los Altos.

The 2015 Easyriders Bike Show Tour
January 18-19: The 2015 Easyriders Bike Show Tour in Sacramento.

Modesto Area A's Turlock Swap Meet
January 24-25: The Modesto Area A’s Turlock Swap Meet in Turlock.

If would like to add a show or event to our calendar please email the information to: tnewey@norcalcarculture.com

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  4 Responses to “January 2015”

  1. hi my husband is a huge car buff and he is turning 50 in January – can you provide me with a list of any car shows being held in January in California that he may enjoy

    thank you

    • Hi Cathy,
      I will get working on that pretty soon and let you know. Typically there are not a lot of shows in January. There is the famous Turlock Swap Meet which is usually the last weekend in January.
      Thanks, Tim

      • Can you tell me more about the Turlock event? My husband owns a 1955 Ford F100 that we are planning to have restored this year to celebrate both his and the truck’s 60th. He is hiring someone to do the restoration but might he find parts at the event?

        • I am sure you can find some of the parts you need at the Turlock Swap Meet. At one time it was, and maybe it still is, the biggest swap meet in Northern California.

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